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The Tuppenny

58-59 Devizes Road, Swindon, SN1 4BD
The Tuppenny


Introducing The Tuppenny, Swindon’s premier specialist purveyor of craft drinks—an emporium showcasing brewed, distilled, and fermented greatness. The establishment boasts an unparalleled selection of craft beer on tap and in the fridges, regularly updated to provide the best variety in Old Town. Complementing this assortment are top-quality ciders, artisan spirits available in their pure form or expertly crafted into classic cocktails, and a delightful choice of teas, coffees, and wines for those laid-back daytime moments or post-work indulgences.

Guests can savor authentic Nepalese Momos from the pop-up hosted by their good friends at Yak The Himalayan Kitchen, conveniently located just across the road. The ambiance invites patrons to unwind in a unique, cozy, and sophisticated setting adorned with repurposed and upcycled furniture, each piece possessing its own distinctive charm. Quirky decor, board games, and a selection of old-school reading material contribute to the welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond being a haven for beverage enthusiasts, The Tuppenny doubles as a cultural hub. The venue regularly showcases original grassroots and underground live music, plays host to the Swindon Shuffle Music Quiz—a notably lighthearted quiz night—and features various arts events, brewery talks, and tap takeovers.

Whether one is a dedicated hop-head, a gin connoisseur, or simply seeking a cool spot to socialise with friends, The Tuppenny invites all to experience its unique blend of beverages, entertainment, and ambiance.

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