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At The Swindon Post, we are more than just a local community website – we are a passionate team of Swindon enthusiasts on a mission to celebrate and showcase the very essence of this remarkable town. With deep roots in the community, we take immense pride in being your trusted source for all things Swindon.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to create a platform that brings together residents, visitors, and businesses, fostering a sense of unity and connection. We recognized the need for a comprehensive resource where one could seamlessly access local information, stay updated on exciting events, discover thriving businesses, and explore the latest properties on the market – all in one place.

Driven by our love for Swindon and the desire to provide an invaluable service to our fellow citizens, we tirelessly curate a diverse array of resources that cater to the unique interests and needs of each individual. From uncovering the town’s hidden gems to highlighting the best dining spots, entertainment venues, and local hotspots, we strive to make your Swindon experience truly exceptional.

As a team of local experts, we understand the ever-changing dynamics of Swindon, and that’s why we keep our finger on the pulse of the community, ensuring that the information we provide is always current and reliable (as best we can). Our business directory showcases the incredible entrepreneurial spirit of our town, while our property listings connect eager homebuyers with their dream houses, making the process as seamless as possible.

We are more than just observers; we are active participants in Swindon’s growth and success. Our dedication to promoting local events and supporting small businesses reflects our commitment to nurturing a strong and vibrant community.

But The Swindon Post is not just a website; it’s a warm invitation to be part of something greater. We invite you to join us in celebrating the beauty, diversity, and endless possibilities that Swindon has to offer. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of our town and make Swindon an even more extraordinary place to live, work, and thrive.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for making The Swindon Post the heartbeat of our beloved town.


The Swindon Post Team

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